Damn tired

“Hold on or give up?”

I’m asking myself this question everyday since the day you said goodbye
And I always answered,
“Hold on.”
Although there’s nothing to hold

Then, she came
All the imaginative things I’m holding disappeared little by little
And the question to answer was,
“Do you still can?”
I can’t answer quickly
There’s hesitation
But I still answered,
“Yes. I still can.”

Every time I saw you laughing, smiling, and talking with her,
I can’t stop myself to be hurt
But it’s not your fault
It’s all my fault because I still held on to you although you’re not here to hold on with me

Until one day, I woke up with a question,
“Hold on or give up?”
I answered with no hesitation,
“Give up. I’m giving up because I’m tired of being hurt, being disappointed and holding on to something that was no longer there.”


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