I don’t have anyone

You know what I want tonight?

I want someone to hold me right now because I am about to fall

My knees are weak, my heart is crying, my mind is torn between surrender and fight, and my eyes were about to release all of these feelings

I want someone to hug me tight and whisper that everything will be alright

I want someone to look me in the eye just to say I can do this

I want someone to kiss me for me to know I am loved

I want someone who will kiss my tears away

I want someone to sit on the grass and let me lie down on his lap, and watch the stars above while he’s playing my hair

I want someone to tell me his story without hesitation

I want someone to talk about everything with me even though it’s about how the stars were made and how I can be beautiful without doing anything

I want someone because I don’t have anyone.


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