Not everyone can fall in love

Making your day complete with a glimpse of his smile

Missing him after a while
Feeling the electricity of his hand when he touch your skin
You’ll do anything for him even it’s a sin
Feeling the butterflies on your stomach when he’s close to you
Melting by his stare
Keeping every memory you share
Heart beating fast when he said I love you
Smiling widely when you replied I love you too
Feeling completely happy when you’re with him
You’re thinking of him before you sleep
And stupidly smiling because you’re so in love with him like he’s your oxygen
That you can’t survive life without him
You’re attentively listening to every word he said
Not just because you’re interested in his story, but also you loved his speaking voice and you will never get tired of listening to it
You’re mad when he didn’t text or call you the whole day
And sometimes you get mad for no reason just for him to pamper you
He’s included in your dreams
You’ll feel okay when you’re sad with just a hug from him
You feel shiver every time that you’re with him
And you can set aside some important things for him because he’s your top priority
That you can give up everything just not him

You can feel everything when you’re in love
Joy, sadness, anger, madness, shiver, butterflies on your stomach and everything that you feel when you’re with him

You are lucky because you’re feeling all that
Not everyone can felt all that feeling 
Because not everyone can fall in love


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